Kaena Point – Zach’s Ride

This past Saturday I rode my second Zach’s Ride, a memorial ride around Kaena Point. The ride starts in Wahiawa and goes around Kaena Point then back down the west side of Oahu to Honolulu. It’s a lot of fun and not all that difficult, though it is about 66 miles of fun. One of the most important things I’ve found in any longer ride is insuring I have proper hydration and the Zach’s crew doesn’t stint. Breaks are well spaced, snacks are available, though they tend, as on many organized rides, to be carb heavy. I just drink the water.

In any case, you get lovely views like this:


I had a great time and though I didn’t ride with the peloton back into town, I was part of the group up till near the end. Admittedly I was mostly out front as I leave rest stops earlier than most, but as I’m slow, they catch up quick enough.

Next year? Yeah, if I can!

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