STATRIX.ORG has been removed for now. I wasn’t using it and paying for something I don’t use is…well…and outsized ambition, eh?

No, I haven’t started up a non-profit with the hope of solving one of the world’s problems. It’s not a bad idea and I’d be the last to say I already do enough, but in all honestly, I’m not that creative.

No, this is really about another website I have just started playing with. When I picked up it was with the idea of a statistics consulting business. That never worked out and I kept the name (which really means statistical tricks), using for this blog. I also picked up a few other domains including, and so forth.

Well I’ve finally gotten around to playing with it.

I’m using Grav, a flat-file CMS to serve pages, running on DigitalOcean, and using Git to keep it updated. In short, I’m playing around. It’s good fun.

I can’t say the content is much different from here – indeed there’s not much of it yet, but that’s where I am at the moment. If you don’t see me here, check there:

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