Zero (0) miles today and yes, it’s training!

Today and tomorrow I’ve decided I’m not going to ride. That is subject to change of course, but it’s an okay plan at the moment. According the RAGBRAI coach:

Many of you have to travel for a day or two prior to the start of RAGBRAI and that’s a good thing. It allows your legs one final rest period before the big ride. I would suggest going for a spin on Saturday when you arrive, to make sure you bike has made the trip okay and to loosen up your legs.

That pretty much covers me. I was a bit sore of after the weekend and today I’m good again. Tomorrow? Well tomorrow I leave town and I simply don’t have a lot time as I’ll be working a full eight hours, going out to dinner, and dealing with the airport.

I’m still working out the packing. I piled everything together yesterday and tentatively packed to see what would fit. Now I’ve got to go through it all again and remove those things I simply don’t need. Do I take my Kindle or a paperback? This one is actually pretty simple…paperback. While I love my Kindle (2nd gen.) and it’s probably no heavier than a paperback that’ll keep me busy for a week, it’s just one more thing to worry about. If I lose a paperback no big deal.

Shirts – do I take the ones I’ve been wearing for training or the new ones (same kind) that I’ve never yet donned?

See, that’s the way this is coming down. Sigh.

[Ultimately I’ll probably take the worn shirts because I’m going to get greasy at some point.]

So here I am on the eve of my departure almost, but not quite, ready to go! Yippee!!!


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