QB on small hills…

Today, a week after I received my Quickbeam, I finally had a chance to try a small hill. Frankly it’s not much of a hill, but keep in mind I’m someone who sticks the flats around town for the most part.

Basically I rode up to the top of Waialae Avenue for a sandwich, well a haircut and sandwich if you must know.


On my other bikes I always feel a little tentative pumping my way up hills. On my Bike Friday I can generally spin up them because I can gear so low. On my Giant, with all its darn suspension I either spin or die. If I stand on that bike it sort of turns into a pogo-stick. And my Fujiyama, great little beater that it is always feels like it’s going to come apart.

My QB, on the other hand, seems to be built for hills. While I’m still in 66″ range (40×16), having found that to be a great gear for my normal activities, I’d wondered about minor hills. I needn’t have worried. This bike is incredibly stable, perhaps because it fits perfectly, and I find myself enjoying a bit of pumping. And that with my huge saddlebag filled with locks, laptops, lunch, and … ran out of things beginning with L I guess. 🙂

All for now!


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