Packed and ticketed…

When I hit that “24 hours before the flight” mark I checked-in on the web and discovered that I owed another $25 for an extra checked bag. This was not in the plan. Now don’t get me wrong, $25 isn’t all that much, especially since I’m flying free, but still…

But rather than just accept it and move on, I decided to call the airline. It took quite some time to get an agent, and then it took quite a while for her to diagnose the problem, but it turned out I didn’t owe $25. The problem, it seems, is that I have a long layover in Seattle, not enough time to do anything mind you, especially since I have to be at the airport hours before my flight, but long enough for the software issuing my check-in to determine I was staying.

The agent, who seemed to be a very nice and genuinely concerned person (go Alaska Airlines!), fixed the problem and told me what to tell the folks at HNL tomorrow – because, as the agent notes, they are going to think I owe $25 at first, till they check the computers.

So that problem is taken care of – now for the rest. I had to juggle a few things to get my bags evenly distributed and I do wish I had an accurate large scale at home for this – but I suspect that would be quite a chunk of change…more than paying one or two excess baggage fees would be anyway. 🙂

All that’s left is to figure out dinner, watch some TV, get some sleep, get some breakfast, and…get to the airport. 🙂


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