I’m impressed. I ordered three items from Nashbar Bike on Sunday evening and today, Wednesday, they’ve shown up. I did specify 2nd Day delivery, but in Hawaii we understand that mostly means an extra day. Given that they processed the order on Monday, Wednesday is super.

I ordered a rack trunk, the elite model I believe, at least that’s what showed up. It was even $2 less than listed so I was a bit confused, but no matter. 🙂 If this is the model I ordered, great, I saved $2. If it’s not, I paid what I thought, but got a better deal. I’m not going to enquire into it.

The other items are the Townie bags I mentioned in an earlier post.

I’m looking forward to trying it all tomorrow. Good fun!

I gave Nashbar a good review on It doesn’t seem they’ve been doing great there, though I based on my experience I can’t see why. In addition I haven’t really seen anything bad about them on BikeForums (or is that Bike Forums?). Most folks seemed happy so I felt safe and I wasn’t disappointed.


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