Smaller and smaller…

Screenshot 2015-03-27 18.13.47


This was after doing the EBDJ Thursday challenge which let me have a two hour window for eating solid food yesterday. I ate and ate well, but it was during a compressed amount of time.

I didn’t have a bad time of it because last week I’d actually done a 24 hour fast with no trouble so I knew what to expect. The only hard part, at least for me, is no late night snack. I like a week nosh before I sleep and, well, I couldn’t go to be at 7:30 PM, my evening had just started.

So things continue to go well. Indeed today I discovered how to make a form of bread in the microwave that I can actually eat. Of course it doesn’t use grain flour, it uses coconut flour. The recipe called for almond flour but I couldn’t find any this afternoon, I could find coconut flour and sure enough, it works fine. Here’s the original recipe, substitute things as you see fit. There’s another one here I’m going to try as well.

There’s a lot more I could say, but hey, it’s all out there.



An all new low…

Today I weighed myself in at 207. That’s a new low, even for me. Okay, truly it isn’t. I was 207 once before. Indeed a decade or so ago I weighed that as I was moving up the scale as it were.

Spending a lot of time weighing oneself probably isn’t a good idea. In the past I more or less avoided ever weighing myself, just getting the figures when I went to the doctor. But now, when I’m actively trying to lose some weight, I guess I’ve gotten caught up in the deal.

These days I own a wifi connected scale which records my weight and shows me a graph of the data.


Screenshot 2015-03-25 18.42.50

It’s not easy to tell from the non-interactive graph, but a month ago I was 214. Essentially I lost 7 pounds in a month. That’s a bit over a pound a week which is pretty much my goal.

Speaking of goals, where do I plan on ending up? Two hundred even was my original goal and at my present rate I’ll be there at the end of April. Good deal. But I’m thinking of going a wee bit further and shooting for 185. That seems doable by sometime in June which coincides with my next physician’s appointment. Won’t he be surprised?

As I recall from my January appointment, he asked, “How’d you do it?” I explained what I was doing and he said, “Great. I wish all my patients listened to me.”

I’m not sure I listened to him specifically, but his was one voice among many saying much the same thing.

What I’m learning from all these voices isn’t so much that weight loss is the goal, but rather that taking control of ones own health is. And you know, that’s what this feels like. I’ve started asserting some control, of my weight, my exercise (more about that coming up), and my diet. Good deal.

BTW – I’m reading The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz. It’s a book about…yes…fat. It’s gotten great reviews, as well as some scathing ones. Basically it’s an inquiry into how we eat today and how we got that way. It’s pretty interesting. I’m not an expert so I can’t judge the scholarship, but I’m enjoying the read. Actually I should say, listen as I’m doing the audio version. I just got started, so perhaps I’ll talk more about later.


Not losing weight…

In the past year, since my hip replacement, I’ve started taking my general health a bit more seriously. I’m 57 and decided it would be good to hit 60 (assuming I do) in as good a shape as it is possible. I’m not fanatic about it, but hey, it’s a decent goal.

To that end I decided I’d try losing a little weight. To my chagrin at the time of my operation I was up to 270. Granted I’m 6’1″, but that’s not good.

Now I was fairly active before my operation, riding my bicycle up to about a week before surgery at which time it became just too painful to mount and dismount. Oddly I could ride just fine thank you, but I could no longer get on and off the bike. Hips are odd.

I figured I’d just cut back a bit on food and maybe up the riding a little once I’d recovered and the weight would start coming off. It did. Very, very slowly. By the end of September I was down to 254. I’d taken off 16 pounds over 6 months. Not great, not bad mind you, but certainly not great.

Today I’m 209. That’s another 45 pounds over the next 5.5 months. That’s a little better and quite a jump per month, from 2.33 pounds per month to 8 pounds per month. What the heck did I do?

Well there in lies a tale. Basically I started eating fat. Lot’s of good fats, not the hydrogenated kind but your basic natural fat; eggs, cheese, meats, macadamia nuts, greek yogurt, so forth and so on. In addition I cut way, way back on carbs. In other words, no rice, no bread, no potatos, no sweets (sort of). But I do get to eat bacon!

Rather than go on and on about this, just go check out Eat Bacon, Don’t Jog, the website and book, that’ll get you going.

Let’s just say I’m the thinnest I’ve been in a long time and my bicycle riding has improved a lot…a whole lot. Well I’m not carrying a five year old around my middle anymore; that’s gotta help.

Anyway, here’s my breakfast and lunch for today…


hard boiled eggs, sardines, avocado

Eggs for breakfast, sardines and avocado for lunch. Yum.

So how can I say I’m not losing weight? I’m not. I know where it all went.



Writing Workshop – Prompt #2

This is what came out from the second prompt:

“Tip, tip, tip.” A drip. Was that water dripping? I open my eyes. Darkness. Jesus. I close my eyes and open them again. No help. Then I notice the sound again. “Tip, tip, tip.” It was to my left. I reach out. Nothing. Was I sleeping. Do you know if you are dreaming when you are dreaming?


I sit up. This wasn’t a dream. I wasn’t sleeping. Where the hell was I? “Tip, tip, tip.” There, the noise again, still on my left.


I swing my legs off the? Off the what? What am I on? It feels like a table. A doctor’s examining table? A hard bed?


My feet touch the concrete floor or is it tile? It’s hard and smooth and cool. Why can’t I see anything. Jesus. This isn’t good. Where am I? Why can’t I see?


I stand.


“Tip, tip, tip.” The noise is still there, more insistent now. I turn slowly, my eyes wide open. I think they are wide open. They feel, I don’t know, they feel what?. Why can’t I see?


There’s something on my arm, my right arm. It’s in my right arm. Oh Jesus. I sit back down.  I touch my arm again with my left hand. It’s a tube. It’s an intravenous tube. I can feel where it’s taped. I touch my face. There are bandages. Oh God, am I blind? Where am I? What happened?


I sit back on the bed. I listen. It’s not a drip. It’s a monitor. It’s beeping. Why am I here?


“Hello!” I say, “hello?” Fuck.


No answer. I don’t hear anything but the beep. That’s what it is, a beep. A soft beep, not a drip. “Beep, beep, beep.”